The Tafenoquine Dossier

Coming soon – the Tafenoquine Dossier

We will expose the corruption behind the development and marketing of the U.S. Army’s neurotoxic antimalarial drug tafenoquine.

Crazy stuff started happening. We had a guy from my own company who ended up pulling a para flare apart, for no reason. No-one does that stuff. The next minute, we got back to our FOB and he ended up taking one of my mate’s grenades. At that time we’d had a change in the grenade—once the pin was pulled out, you couldn’t put it back in unless you had a special tool. He ended up throwing that grenade. The grenade went off and he ended up fragging himself. He just wigged out. The guys were starting to do really stupid shit—unexplainable. There was a guy in my section who even juggled hand grenades. I started fighting with my section and my group. Then I started getting paranoid that they were talking about me. I kept this all to myself.

Australian Army tafenoquine Study 033 subject, East Timor 2000-2001
ABC 7.30 Report, Veterans hope inquiry will back claims anti-malaria drug caused illness, 7/31/2018